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I create wedding ceremonies that are personal and meaningful and full or fun - with no boring bits!. Your wedding ceremony should fit you like a glove and have your guests leaning in, wanting more.    

No one wants a boring wedding ceremony, right? We've all been there: guests looking at their watches, fiddling with their phones gazing longingly at the bar. Awful stuff. Definitely not for me.

Your wedding is unbelievably important, and the moment you actually wed (in my humble opinion) is the most intimate and significant part of the day. 

There’s something fairly significant that happens in between the dressing up, the walking down the aisle and the big party. The vows you make are life long promises and it’s a pretty big deal.

And, it doesn't need to be boring. I'm here to find your inner awesomeness and bring your amazing journey to life in your wedding ceremony. 

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