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Choosing your wedding celebrant can be a daunting prospect. Especially when your wedding is in Vietnam!

Your wedding celebrant will share one of the most intimate parts of your wedding day - so if you're not completely relaxed about the professional making your magic - you should keep looking. 

To help you decide if "my style" - is "your style" - I've shared some kind words from my lovely newly-weds.

Kathy & Liam

Looking for a wedding celebrant in Vietnam, we weren't able to find many options at a late stage.

But it didn't matter because Leanne turned out to be the perfect celebrant for us at our wedding. She was very good at communicating early on to organise time frames and ideas, very professional, and very accommodating in making the ceremony exactly what it needed to be.


Fully recommend Leanne as the most fitting and pleasant celebrant one could hope for.

Theodore and Amanda

Leanne is exactly what we wanted in a celebrant.  Her patience, care, warmth and humor made our whole end to end experience amazing. 


Once I Instagram stalked her, checked out her website and emailed her, it was a no brainer.  One of the easiest and best decisions we made.    This was reiterated when we meet her in person 6 months out when we came across to Vietnam to plan the wedding.  We all sat and overlooking the ocean, with some cold beers having a nice relaxed chat about our life, how we meet, her life in Vietnam and life as a celebrant – it was like catching up with an old friend.  We came away so pleased and happy we made the right choice.  


The process for the ceremony was very easy and felt organic. Through asking some detailed questions, she understood our brief and developed a draft, which we refined together.  She provided (lots) of great quality samples when we needed them for inspiration and gave us feedback and her thoughts. 


Leanne is the constant calm in a sea of chaos and craziness of wedding planning.  She went above and beyond anything we expected.  She in the know, she gave us tips tricks, connected us with her resources, contacted her previous couples to find me vendors in Da Nang. 

She’s hardworking, patient, dedicated and wants the best for her brides and grooms, beyond just their wedding day.  I will forever be grateful for her emails and notes reminding me to keep calm, enjoy myself and the endless tips and tricks for the day of, as well as for coordinating the week leading up with family and friends.


If we had to get re-married back here in Melbourne, Australia and Leanne was here, we’d book her again, no brainer, we wouldn’t look anywhere else.


If you are fortunate enough to be able to book her for your day, you’ll be so happy you have made the right choice.

Kimberley and Jason

Ever since we secured our destination wedding venue in the Da Nang/Hoi An area for 8th March 2020, we had always wanted Leanne to be our celebrant.


Initially, our wedding agent was going to make different arrangements to use someone else, so it was a nice surprise when we were informed that Leanne was brought on board!


It was a stressful time due to increasing concerns after the first wave of Covid-19 in Asia and whether we’d still go ahead. Leanne was a saving grace with her proactive on-the-ground updates and reassurances, which played a big part in continuing our big day as planned in Vietnam.


When we had the pleasure of catching up a week before our wedding and we knew our ceremony would be in safe hands. Leanne was truly a source of knowledge and really is a subject matter expert, having been part of hundreds of weddings. We really benefited from a whole heap of valuable ceremony and general wedding day advice. “You don’t know what you don’t know!” really sums this up.

Leanne, we can’t thank enough for how supportive you’ve been throughout our whole amazing experience. Thank you for your great communication, chase ups, transparency, and contingency/backup plans.


You did so much for the ceremony, that the only thing we needed to do was show up!


Words can’t describe how much your support means to us in the lead up to the big day, our special day, and our Vietnam trip overall. We’re so glad we went ahead, starting our marriage off with living life on the edge! Stay safe and healthy, and no doubt we’ll call on you when we visit once again.


My word of advice to all couples wanting to have a destination wedding in Vietnam or around: be sure to contact Leanne right away. You’ll need all the (local) support and guidance you can get!

With love, Kimberley & Jason

Amanda & Gary

Leanne, thank you very much for being with us and making it such a memorable experience. We appreciated every little tip you gave us and our party 🥰 


It was a beautiful day spent with loved ones and a dream come true - our wedding ❤️Our family and friends also loved how you set the perfect mood for the day with your words!


We couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant & MC - so thank you from the bottom of our hearts, once again!

Michelle and Adam

Dearest Leanne , when i think back to our wedding planning, trip and wedding day I still feel very emotional and the greatest of happiness of my life! From start to end you were so caring about our needs.

Constantly reassuring and guiding us.

It was such an important day for us bringing our families and friends to gather from all over the world.

We will be forever grateful for experiencing this day with you and our loved ones.
We cannot recommend Leanne more for your special day.


What a difference a year makes ... if you a planning a wedding in Hoi An and have been affected by COVID-19 I urge you to postpone not cancel as it will be so worth it.
Leanne - we can't wait for when normality resumes and we can enjoy a beer together in Hoi An.

Natalie and Sam

Relaxed and fun was the vibe we were after when planning our wedding, Leanne helped us to achieve that.


Even a year on, our guests are still talking about how fun and laidback our ceremony was. Leanne worked with us via email to help create the wording for our ceremony, giving us examples as well as the freedom to get creative with our stories and words we wanted to hear.

She was there with us for our rehearsal to give us the running of the day and even came to the bridal party prep to help ease nerves and answer any last-minute questions.


We could not imagine having anyone else standing beside us, she helped fill our ceremony with so much fun, laughter, joy and the right amount of magic 

Linda and Phil

I had never met Leanne in person and had only corresponded with her a few times through email. However, when we met - we felt like she had known us.


She was professional from the very beginning and really tried to get to know us as a couple. You could tell she truly loves what she does because she did it in a way where it wasn’t a job to her but her passion.


She was such a big help during our rehearsal, as she led the entire thing and was patient with my nieces and nephews. She pretty much runs the show and makes sure things are smooth.


During our wedding, she put my husband at ease, when he was overwhelmed with emotion. Following our wedding, she even emailed us just to follow up to see how the day went.


Leanne goes above and beyond her duty. If you want someone who knows what she’s doing and does it in a way where she knows how to connect to the couple and your guests, I highly recommend her as your celebrant.


She was so helpful to us during the process and I am so happy she was the person who did the most important part of the wedding - announcing us as husband and wife. ♥️

Cuong and Thao

Leanne was the celebrant officiating our wedding in Danang, Vietnam in December 2018 and my wife and I could not be happier with the service Leanne provided.  


From the very first email contact Leanne expertly guided us through unchartered territory.


I am from a Catholic background and my wife is Buddhist, and we wanted a casual and non-religious beach wedding ceremony, and Leanne provided us with a wealth of knowledge in deciding on the proceedings.


She did all the leg work in researching readings until we were happy with a couple that suited the relaxed atmosphere we were after  Leanne is super friendly and obviously has a passion for what she does. She was always patient, even when it would take me weeks to reply. Sorry Leanne!  


On the day of the ceremony things weren’t going to plan. Due to the weather the beach ceremony was moved indoors and I was frantically running around trying to tie up loose ends. When I met up with Leanne her natural calm was unavoidably contagious and she managed to pull everything together and make it work.


Thank you Leanne for all your hard work and effort in making our wedding day one we will always remember and cherish. My wife and I highly recommend Leanne and assure you she will give you the guidance you need on the most important day of your life.

Krystof and My

Leanne has been absolutely instrumental in making our wedding one of the best days of our lives!


We didn’t plan to have a typical/traditional wedding and we had been a bit lost before talking to Leanne.


We didn’t know what we wanted exactly, but what we did want was hard to reconcile.


However, Leanne expertly guided us through the whole process and did an absolutely fantastic job our wedding day!


Thank you Leanne!

Hue and Peter

Thanks to Leanne, our wedding ceremony went without a hitch. She was easy to work with, professional (yet fun), thoughtful, and clearly an expert at what she does.


My husband and I were extremely pleased with how our wedding ceremony turned out and we cannot thank Leanne enough as she was a big contributing factor as the celebrant.


Planning a wedding overseas was not easy, but having Leanne lead the ceremony was easily one of the best decisions we made for the ceremony.


Even with our last minute request for a translator, she was able to assist and delivered with no hassle. Till this day, we are still receiving compliments on how well Leanne executed.


We would 100% recommend Leanne for anyone looking for a wedding celebrant in Vietnam!



Eve and Chris

From the moment we contacted Leanne we knew she was someone we could trust.

We contacted Leanne over 12 months ago when planning our wedding in Vietnam and over that time Leanne spent a lot of time and effort getting to know us so she could put together a ceremony that reflected who were as individuals and as a couple.


It was evident in her work ethic that it was important to her that this day be exactly what we wanted. Even at times when we weren't sure what we wanted Leanne knew how to help us find it.

Chris and I know how lucky we are to have found Leanne and can't believe what an honour and privilege it was to have our ceremony conducted by someone we now consider a friend.

Ahae and Long

The best celebrant we can ask for. Me and my wife organized our wedding in Danang from overseas, wasnt easy at all, cant imagine how we would have ended our wedding successfully without Leanne's help, She is the perfect partner if you are planning a wedding in Danang.

Jessica and Chris

Leanne was an amazing celebrant. From the moment we met her, we knew she would be perfect.


Not only is Leanne open, honest and down to earth, she is extremely good at what she does. She understood us and captured the true essence of our relationship during the ceremony. In the lead up she calmed our nerves and gave us great advice about to expect on the day. Our guests even commented that she had a cool and relaxed vibe about her.

Leanne feels like a friend now. I’d highly recommend her!

Debbie and Nigel

We were fortunate enough to fall upon Leanne’s details while booking accommodation at the lovely Temple Beach House, which was also great for a small beach/deck wedding. 


From the time we first touched base (only three months out from the wedding) remotely from NZ to Vietnam, the process was a breeze!! Leanne listened to our wishes, is personable yet non-intrusive, organised, caring and intuitive. 


Leanne made the overall experience from lead-up to the days-after fun and flawless!! We are blessed to have her in our life and wished she lived in NZ!!!

Nelcy and Bruce

Leanne is a very 'hands-on professional' in this business.


My husband, Bruce and I went through quick and short preparation for our destination wedding.

However, in Leanne's hands, the preparation and action were spotless and beyond our satisfaction.


It started with wedding dress advice, flower decoration, ceremony preparation, transport for us and our family, make-up bridal, food/dinner option, the advice and option were first class to us and unforgettable.


We had an opportunity to skype with her, she sent us a very structured but simple questionnaire that really helped us to justify what exactly we want in our ceremony. From there, Leanne would come up with the ceremony draft and run down. Every communication between Leanne and us was very informative and far from complicated.


Her work resulted in a dream wedding for us and our family. Thanks to Leanne for helping us make this happen.


We highly recommend her service to our circle friends and relatives as we know satisfaction is a guaranteed of her work.


Once again, thank you very much Leanne for listening and being patient with us.


Thank you for helping us make this thing happen as we dreamed. It was perfection to us and your name stick on it 

Andrew and Martina

Thank you Leanne for a magical wedding day in Hoi An.


You went well and above, being an incredible celebrant. Thanks for helping us organise all the other finer details and recommendations to make our wedding week very personal and simply perfect!


It's the little things that matter, and you sure did a lot of little things for us. We are so glad you were part of our special day, it was simply sublime.


Much Love


Peggy and Alfred

Leanne is absolutely wonderful. She is poised and professional and most important of all, she is extremely knowledgeable.


As we weren’t sure about what we wanted or what could be done during the ceremony, Leanne provided us with an array of ideas and inspiration. It helped us tremendously. All we had to do was mix and match to our desires! 

Rest assured, with Leanne by your side, all worries during the day will disappear. She will guide you every step of the way and will go the extra mile to make your ceremony special and enjoyable.


Leanne, again, you were amazing. Thank you for taking care of us that day and making sure our emotions weren’t all over the place!


We couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant :) Hope to catch up the next time we are in Vietnam!

Saveena and Ryan

Leanne has been absolutely instrumental in making our wedding one of the best days of our lives!


We didn’t plan to have a typical/traditional wedding and we had been a bit lost before talking to Leanne. We didn’t know what we wanted exactly, but what we did want to be was hard to reconcile. However, Leanne expertly guided us through the whole process and did an absolutely fantastic job on our wedding day!


Thank you Leanne!

Bao Vi and John

Leanne is amazing - she is caring, thoughtful and overall, very fun to work with!


We trusted her at the first moment we communicated via email. It was a painless, easy process to come up with the ceremony script.


Most important of all, she delivered it with so much love at our ceremony. All our guests were so touched and complimented how she led the event eloquently! 10/10 would recommend Leanne.

Alex and Ceci

We are so lucky to have Leanne as our wedding celebrant!


She is fun to work with. A newly wedded couple we have absolutely no idea what to expect in the ceremony, and Leanne makes it such a smooth painless event for us.


Passionate and professional, Leanne provided all the necessary information for our consideration and makes sure every detail is well taken care of.


The rehearsal on the day before has done wonders for the flow of the ceremony.


Would 10000% recommend Leanne!

Cindy and Van

Where do I even start!

Leanne, thank you so very much for everything leading up to and on our wedding day.

We don't think we could have done it without you. You made the planning process so easy and stress-free! From the first email and contact to the post-wedding recaps.


You were professional and friendly throughout the whole process, it made Van and I feel like we had known you forever.


We could not have asked for a more perfect and personalised ceremony and our very memorable (or not memorable) reception! It definitely would not have been the same without you.

Not to mention you continued to save us from disaster on the day.. especially when Van forgot his first dance moves!


A thousand thank yous Leanne. You are amazing!


If anyone is looking for a celebrant, I would recommend Leanne without fault.

Cheers Springvale girl :)

Chantal and Mark

We related to Leanne from the first instant we met her and knew straight away that Leanne would create the ceremony we both envisioned which was personal, intimate and informal.


We knew what we wanted but Leanne helped us fill in the blanks, we were on the same page from the outset. The day itself exceeded expectation and it felt like we had known Leanne for years. Many laughs and tears were shared.


I would highly recommend engaging Leanne to be your celebrant, wedding days can be stressful but having Leanne beside you will go a long way to easing the nerves.


Thank you Leanne for your gentle guidance and support making our special day all the more special.


Warm regards,

Mark and Chantal

Katy and Brendon

We can't recommend Leanne enough!


We didn't have a clue to as to what to include in the wedding ceremony, but with Leanne's help, she crafted a script that was personable, funny and serious which created the perfect tone for our wedding. She was very flexible and patient throughout the whole process and shared so many valuable tips.


She ensured that everyone was relaxed and had fun on the day. Thanks for everything!


Love, Brendan and Katy.

Tram and James

Mrs Leanne - amazing wedding planner.


Thanks so very much for all of your hard work and effort to make our wedding so amazing in Hoi an. Highly recommend this wedding planner. 


Good luck to your business and all the best to you.


Tram and James

Philip and My

We could not have chosen a better wedding celebrant than Leanne.


She took the time to get to know us before the wedding through Skype and gave us options so she could personalize the ceremony for us. 


Our ceremony was exactly how we had planned. Basic but personal... full of laughter. Leanne and her translator were articulate, well-dressed and very professional! We couldn't have dreamed of a better venue or person to join us together.


I highly recommend her! Such a great pleasure to work with and so happy her and glad she was part of our special day.

Anh and Priyanth

Leanne did a fantastic job as a wedding celebrant and day-of-event organizer for our wedding in Hanoi.


She worked with us remotely for a few months prior to the wedding to make sure that the ceremony is crafted to how we would like it to be. Leanne gave many suggestions and examples which were very helpful, at the same time, she was very flexible to tailor the ceremony to our preferences.


Throughout this process, Leanne was very responsive, detailed oriented and accommodating. Leanne also took the time to meet with us and the hotel staff the day before the wedding to nail down logistics and was a great help in making sure the wedding day went smoothly for us.


Not only Leanne is great at what she does she is also very passionate and will do whatever is needed to make sure your wedding day is as perfect as you envision it to be.


We would definitely recommend Leanne as a wedding celebrant/organiser for Vietnam destination weddings!

Tiff and Max

Leanne, you are our saviour!


You completed our wedding with your generous advice, your calming nature and your ability to connect with anyone. You let us be ourselves and guided us throughout. All whilst maintaining impeccable professionalism.


An unforgettable woman who will remain our friend forever. Thank you!

Phuong and Adam

Thank you Leanne for an amazing job.


You were so supportive of what we wanted and considered as a dream ceremony. You listened and provided great suggestions which made our day even more enjoyable.


We really appreciate your hard work and commitment to make our day special.

Frankie and Jules

Thank you for making our day so special.


We had so much fun.


It is a memory we will never forget and we feel blessed to have had that moment with you.

Trinh and Roland

Leanne was super great and we were so lucky to have her as our celebrant.


She spent the time listening to our love story in order to make our own special wedding and she was able to communicate all our emotions to the guests.

Thank you Leanne again for your wonderful work!

We can't thank you enough!

I highly recommend her to you all and you won't be disappointed.

Dam and Robert

Dear Leanne


Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. It was without a doubt, absolutely perfect and you played a vital role in making it such a special day. 

We had many comments from our family and friends about how beautiful the ceremony was. Your personal touch made it extra special.

Thank you once again for making the day so magical and run so perfectly. We really appreciate and have so much gratitude for the whole ceremony.

It would not have been possible without you. You were a blessing!


With love,

Robert & Dam

Sarah and Thomas

We got married back in July this year in Hoi An and were lucky enough to have Leanne available to be our celebrant. This was despite her busy schedule around south-east Asia in the lead up to the wedding day.

Leanne made us feel very at ease by giving us lots of suggestions but also freedom to chose how our wedding ceremony went. We managed to do all this preparation via email which took a lot of pressure off of us as it felt like everything was ready before we got to Vietnam.

First meeting Leanne was really cool, she really is one of those people that you feel you have already met and is really easy going and calming.

For the ceremony we really could not have had a better person be there to set the mood and pace of the wedding. Her words and demeanour were perfect!

Thank-you so much Leanne, we really are just so happy that you a part of our special day!

Sheree and Nathan

Leanne you are a bloody superstar!!

You made our secret and special day so amazing and relaxing.

I never thought organising a wedding in Vietnam from lazy old Hobart (Aus) would be so easy.

We have already discussed a celebratory 1 year reunion!!

Kit and Ben

We just want to thank you so much for being our celebrant on our wedding day.

It was incredibly hot on that beach and definitely challenging with that wind but we thought you were a star!

Thanks for cutting it shorter to allow us to get people off that beach but still keeping it great.


Thanks for all the help with the vows and providing so many options for us to pick and choose from... now if only I can get used to wearing my ring and not bashing it on stuff!

Mr and Mrs Hardy (Kit and Ben)

Kelsey and Alex

Alex and I chose Vietnam for our destination wedding as it was in the middle of Australia and England.


Vietnam was the perfect location, our wedding was perfect and our guests had the time of their lives travelling around such a beautiful country before and after the wedding.


Leanne was recommended to us by our wedding planner, Miriam from Hoi An Events. We did not meet Leanne before the wedding but instantly felt comfortable with her, firstly by email and then in person on the wedding day.


All of the planning for the ceremony was done via email, Leanne was professional and her passion for what she does shone through in everything she did. Firstly, Leanne took the time to get to know us and what had bought us for our wedding in Vietnam. She then applied her wealth of knowledge to our personalities and worked with us to create the perfect ceremony for us.


Leanne was open to all suggestions and made us feel comfortable to let her know of any changes we wanted. Leanne gave us the freedom and advice to make the ceremony our own. 

On the wedding day Leanne put us both at ease and calmed our nerves, she knew exactly what to say and had all the answers to the things that were playing on our minds.


I love that Leanne took a few moments to check in with us at a few key moments in the ceremony, just to make sure we were ready to continue.


I thought I would be a bundle of nerves but I just couldn't take the smile off my face, I knew that we were in good hands. We are so happy that we had Leanne to create a beautiful ceremony and then made sure everything went to plan.


Thanks for the beer after the ceremony Leanne, so glad we could celebrate with you! We highly recommend Leanne, our wedding day wouldn't have been the same without her!

Thanks again for everything Leanne!

Kim and Mitch

Leanne was warm and approachable while allowing us to personalize the ceremony and moments just how we imagined

Fabiana and Yuri

Leanne was a very special person since the first day we talked.


She tried her best to know as much as she could about our history. She could put in words all the love that we have between my husband, our two daughters and I.


I’m really thankful for having the opportunity to have my wedding vows renewed by her. Vietnam will be forever in our hearts!

Jody and Tyler

Leanne’s professional and personal approach made us feel at ease from the moment we met. Her guidance in preparing for our vows and all the nitty-gritty details of what’s involved in a wedding ceremony made the entire experience an incredibly happy and memorable one. We’re both grateful to have been in such great hands with Leanne as our celebrant! 

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