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Vow Renewal
Same Sex

Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is as personal as you. If you are little overwhelmed or daunted by it all, don't be.  I will be here to remind you to breathe and laugh, and have some fun. I've got plenty of ideas and suggestions and a kit back full of handy hints (even a vow or two).  Just like the ceremony planning should be fun, relaxed and personal, so should your ceremony. This shouldn't feel like homework, folks. Your ceremony can be traditional and romantic or colourful and full of zany. We can write religious ceremonies, ceremonies that incorporate family traditions, music, readings and other wedding traditions. If you fancy a bit of pagan, I can do that too. Having said that, it isn't a competition, it's your wedding, your way. As we chat and get to know each other we will finesse and re-tweak your ceremony as it takes shape. You will know it is ready when are looking forward to sharing the heart of your wedding day within earshot of your nearest and dearest.  I will be there to help with a rehearsal and of course, be with you on your big day to officiate. As a keep sake of your Vietnam wedding ceremony I will present you with a wedding certificate. You can sign it during the ceremony with witnesses or take it later as a commemorative gesture. Bespoke wedding ceremonies from 375 USD.


Renewal of Vows

Whether it has been 4 or 40 years, celebrating the anniversary of your wedding is an incredible achievement. After all a marriage is highly personal business. Renewing your vows is a wonderful way to say "hey, I meant it back then, and I still mean it now and forever.  A vow renewal can happen any time of the day or night and be just about anywhere. The ceremony will be as unique and personal as you. It can include  your original vows or other parts of your ceremony, messages from friends and family, readings or music.You can even exchange your wedding rings again! A guaranteed recipe for tears. Vow renewals from 250 USD.



Let's Elope! This ceremony is for couples who are dreaming of a wedding in the tropics, without too much hassle and a lot of emphasis on relaxation and fun. A cocktail blend of romance and sunshine. Historically, eloping couples married in secret without anyone present to witness the nuptials. It is more common for a small group of friends and family to come to Vietnam with the couple and be present and celebrate with a small wedding party. Though I've also married only couples by themselves here. The ceremony will be crafted in the same manner as the wedding ceremony. The only variable is how many people will come to share the love! Elopement ceremonies from 375 USD.


I can also arrange other services like hair and make up, flowers, transfers, restaurant meals etc for a small additional fee. 


Same Sex Ceremony

It makes me cringe I even need a section for same sex marriage ceremonies. Love is love and everyone is welcome in my little love chapel We work through the same tailored, fun and personalised approach to your ceremony as we would any other wedding ceremony. Your wedding, your way (as long as there are lots of laughs. Wedding ceremonies from 375 USD.