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5 red hot reasons a destination wedding planner is essential

Can I arrange my destination wedding myself and save a few dollars?

Sure you can arrange your own destination wedding. Set your mind to something and anything is possible. An exquisite wedding in a most idyllic location. How hard can it be?

Alas, I don't recommend it. Outsource this project, my friends. It's not one for the faint of heart. Prefer poolside Pina Colada's while your planner runs around, planning? Me too.

Shave a few "shiny things" from your mood board and find the dollars. Years of experience has taught me the "shiny, expensive must-haves" won't matter. You'll remember the moments, the people and how much fun you had.

A fabulous wedding planner is worth every penny. Rest easy knowing they are doing all "the stuff". You've got enough "stuff" to do anyway. This should be fun not another "job"!

So why do I recommend a destination wedding planner?

1. The first red hot reason is your mental health.

You're a wanderlust. A destination wedding is a dream come true. It's awesome. Kudos. Scooting off to your favourite place in the world, with your nearest and dearest to get married. Such an adventure. You're trendsetters. Smashing.

Arranging the adventure from afar, not so much fun. It's stressful.

Are you ready to scour the internet and make all phone calls in the quest for the right suppliers? Not to mention to follow up and the co-ordination, from another country.

Here's a small list of some of "the things":

  • hair and makeup

  • florists

  • wedding cake

  • decor

  • photographers

  • caterers

  • venues

  • Dj

  • cars/transport

  • stationery and printers

Of course, once you do arrive in your paradise, you'll need to meet all these people in person. Finer details. Payment. The list goes on.

I haven't even mentioned the actual wedding day. No planner means you're co-ordinating that too. Set up and clean up when it's all over. Ghastly.

Do you have a headache yet? I do.

A great wedding planner will make your dream a reality. You'll never see the dedicated time behind the scenes. The hours spent on the detail. The negotiation. Sourcing suppliers. Insisting outcomes are exacting. On your wedding day, they'll be there from the early morning until the wee hours of the next day. Being in the same location means they can see, touch, feel everything. Complete control.

They make it look easy.

It's why many couples think they arrange their weddings themselves. (And why wedding planners spend so much time justifying their fee - which is mental to me.)

Being more inclined to exciting pre-wedding celebrations. I'm already hearing you thinking "I need you, wedding planner."

Do it. Hand it over. Then it's about saying "yay" or "nay" to their suggestions. Leaving plenty of time for your pre-holiday wedding celebrations.

You're here to get married and have the time of your life. Not lose your mind.

2. A wedding planner will know all the local suppliers, the best venues and the local scoop.

Get ahead of the game and find your wedding planner before you make any other decisions. They have the local scoop. Reliable suppliers. Dodgy suppliers. The suppliers who can deliver on your particular vision. They'll save hours of your time.

If you know the country or town you want to get married, and unsure about the venue. Your planner can provide oodles of recommendations and liaise with the venue throughout. All you do is turn up!

Some venues come with a planner included in the price - bonus. Be sure you fall in love with the venue planner before you fall in love with the venue. You'll be relying on that person.

3. A great wedding planner will get you the best prices.

This one is a biggin. Long established relationships in the wedding industry are worth their weight in gold. Like most industries, loyal customers earn bonus privileges. Weddings are no different. Industry pals receive preferred pricing. Or at least pricing that is less than retail. The price you'll pay as a retail customer will be higher.

The price difference your planner can achieve can come close to covering their fee.

Are stress levels coming down?

4. Your friends and family can enjoy the fun too.

Some couples plan on asking their friends and family to help share the load. I get it. They are choosing to spend their holiday time and hard-earned cash to celebrate with you. Is it fair to give them a "to do" list? Your wedding attendants will have their support roles. They're honoured to support you. Does it extend to cleaning up at the end of the evening? Making sure the gifts are safe. The decor removed and the place left tidy? After an evening of champagne and dancing, it's a big ask for anyone.

Naa. Not cool.

5. When the party is over, no one needs to worry about the washing up.

It's the end of the evening. You've had the day of your life. Your last guests are leaving, (or staggering) home. Guess who is there, ready to start the massive clean up and set down: your wedding planner. Yep. Nothing to see here. Head for your room as newly-weds.

A destination wedding is one of the most incredible and mind-blowing ways to get married. It's a blast. Make every single part of it fun and memorable. Have a blast!

Get a wedding planner. Can you afford not to?

Drop me a line a for any wedding questions you have. I'd be squishy with delight to hear from you.

Before I sign off I'm going to leave you with a real-life example?

I was officiating a wedding. Picture perfect day overlooking the ocean. The setting was serene. Decor amazing. The scene was set.

Fifteen minutes before the guests were due to arrive a huge gust of wind swept half the arch and the flowers away. It wasn't pretty.

The florists had gone.

Picture yourself without a planner. Fifteen minutes before your wedding, you receive a call your arch is in pieces. What would you do?

This couple had a planner. She planner stopped, dropped and engineered a beautiful fix in under ten minutes. The couple and their guests were none the wiser.

I'll leave that there. Imagine dealing with that if you did not have a wedding planner?

Be Nike. Just Do It.

PS: Use Instagram to see some of my favourite planners in Vietnam (in no order of preference!):





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