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How much will my destination wedding in Vietnam cost?

Updated: Jan 3

Updated 3 January 2024

What is the average cost of an overseas wedding in Vietnam?

The average cost of an overseas wedding in Vietnam is USD$11,400. Destination weddings in Vietnam comprise around 30 guests. Many couples choose to marry in a 4+ star resort. The resorts offer wedding packages, the location is beautiful, and most 4+ resorts in Vietnam have wedding coordinators on staff to help with the logistics.

In 2023 -2024 a typical western wedding ceremony and reception with 30 guests at a 4+ star resort in Vietnam is on average USD$11,400.

Everyone loves a holiday or vacation, right? Tourism in Vietnam is booming after the pandemic, and many couples are taking advantage of the relatively inexpensive cost of a holiday in Vietnam and turning their vacation into a wedding celebration and honeymoon. Now, that's a vacation to remember.

People choose Vietnam as a destination because it's easy to get to and food and accommodation are as cheap or luxurious as you want them to be. Vietnam is an ideal mid-point between Europe, the United States, and Australia - so guests can travel to Vietnam with ease. If you're after lush forests and natural beauty, it's here. Drive up the old Ho Chi Minh highway to Phong Nha. It's beautiful. If you want street food in the middle of the city buzzing with excitement, you'll find it in Ho Chi Minh. Want some UNESCO Old Town vibe, Hoi An is the place to be.

Anyway, I digress.

What's included in a resort wedding package?

Every resort or hotel package varies, but typically includes florals for the couple, a floral arch, ceremony seating for guests, a sound system or musicians for the ceremony, beverage on arrival, reception dinner, and a coordinator in the lead-up and on the day.

Many include one night's accommodation for the couple and discounted room rates for guests.

The final price will hinge on

  • the number of guests (some resorts have minimum guest requirements)

  • food and beverages for your reception party (beer and burgers vs full bar and lobster)

  • location of your reception dinner (some resorts charge a premium for outdoor or beach reception parties)

  • the extra bling you want - entertainment, decoration, and other special requests

A couple of hotels include a wedding celebrant in the package but it's not typical. As a celebrant, I work with many resorts in Vietnam. But I have no affiliation with any. As an independent supplier, resorts, and couples can contact me directly to officiate on their special day.

Planning a beach wedding in Vietnam?

If you're looking for a beach ceremony or reception, having it at a resort is ideal because the resort can control the beach area.

Unlike other countries where couples can apply for a permit and use an area of the beach for a ceremony, it doesn't work like that in Vietnam. If you plan to install an arch and some chairs on the beach and fire away, you may find yourself surrounded by volleyball players or beer-swilling tourists on sun loungers. Again - it's all good; it's your thing. So even if a resort isn't for you, I recommend partnering with a beachfront restaurant for the beach aspect. And I can help you with this.

Best resorts for Vietnam weddings

Whether you want a nuptial vibe that's lush and green, wild and rugged, or blue and sandy, Vietnam has a resort for you. With 3,260 km of coastline, Vietnam has plenty of hotels on the beach.

I recommend these hotels and resorts based on my experiences with the planning staff and feedback from my couples. But there are many resorts in Vietnam, and if you find one you like, let me know, and I can give you some feedback.

Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

The Intercon, as it's affectionately known, is one of my favourite resorts in Vietnam. From the moment you arrive, you know you're somewhere special. The planning team has been with the resort since opening, and there's nothing they won't do to make your day special. There are several glorious locations for ceremonies and receptions (including a Michelin Star restaurant). The beach is very private because it's tucked away on the side of Monkey Mountain (yep, lots of mischievous monkeys). The service and location are outstanding (with a price tag to match).

I've performed ceremonies in the gardens, on the terrace next to La Maison overlooking the ocean, on the glorious beach, and in the stunning cathedral reception hall.

The Intercon is a once-in-a-lifetime indulgence. The cable car to the beach is great fun.

Be sure to check out The Long Bar.

Wedding arch for a destination wedding on the beach at Intercontinental Danang, Vietnam
The beach setting. I have so many photos, but none show the sky like it really looks - like this!

The Long Bar, Intercontinental Danang Sun Penninsula Resort
The Long Bar

The Hyatt Regency, Danang

Another favourite is Hyatt Regency Danang

Beautiful location with stunning options for ceremonies and receptions, and the planning staff are just so dang lovely. The beach is wide and white, and there are two garden options for the ceremony. Party under the stars, in the ballroom, or even in one of the resort restaurants. The rainy season in Danang is from October to February, and one of the reasons I recommend Hyatt is if the weather is poor, couples can have their ceremony in a restaurant with a lovely beach view. Every wedding I perform at Hyatt leaves me with its own set of memories.

Great value for money.

Leanne Summers, wedding celebrant standing in front of a lush green wedding arch at Hyatt Regency Danang
Getting ready for Hyatt Regency love

A destination wedding ceremony at Hyatt Regency Danang, Vietnam
Garden wedding by the beach

Palm Garden Resort, Hoi An

With a lovely green lawn area running along the beach, great food, and a family-friendly vibe, the planning team at the Palm Garden has worked at the resort for a long time and knows how to host a shindig. Palm Garden is a wonderful, budget-friendly option in Hoi An. I highly recommend it, especially if you prefer your ceremony and reception next to the beach rather than on the sand.

Wedding at Palm Garden Resort Hoi An
Getting ready for the party

Boutique Hoi An Resort

The Boutique is a lovely resort with all the trimmings and sits right on the beach. It has a huge garden area and a beautiful beach. The food is amazing and a great spot for a celebration. Most couples opt for a beach ceremony and alfresco reception in the garden. It's a premium location with premium styling and a low-key beach vibe. Something for everyone. (Great cocktails, too.)

Minimalist wedding ceremony at Boutique Hoi An
Laid back and minimal

Destination wedding in Vietnam at the Boutique Resort Hoi An
Private ceremony on the beach

Naman Retreat, Danang

A 15-minute drive from Hoi An on the way to Danang, you'll find the Naman. I've so many amazing memories from this resort. A beautiful beach, a glorious pool, and unique bamboo architecture. It's a classy but very friendly establishment. Garden wedding? No problem. Prefer the beach, no problem. The food and beverages in the resort wedding package do not disappoint.

Two young people leading a wedding procession . They're using bubble makers to make bubbles as they walk
Here come the bubbles

Beach wedding in Vietnam
Yes! Finally we're official.

Premier Village, Danang

The Premier Village is emerging as a personal favourite for me. There was a time when the Premier wasn't known as a "go-to" place for a destination wedding, but it's all changing. The team is lovely and caring, and as a hospitality nerd, it's a joy to watch the team polishing cutlery and glassware wearing gloves - old-school attention. Love it.

The rooms and amenities are top-notch, and there's a private room near the beach ceremony area where the wedding party can set up and get gussied up for the wedding. The resort also has private villas with lovely gardens and pools - ideal for eloping in a garden setting. The resort will set up a bar and private dinner in the garden for your party. It's a little bit magical.

Couple kissing on the beach after getting married at Premier Village Danang
A quiet kiss after the ceremony

Amiana Resort, Nha Trang

Nha Trang has great weather almost all year round. It's a popular destination wedding location. With friendly staff and incredible views of Nha Trang City, the Amiana is a unique venue in Vietnam. It's about 15 minutes drive from the centre of Nha Trang city. The ceremonies are held on the white sand of a sheltered cove or a beachside deck. It's entirely up to you. The planning staff know their stuff, and it's a gorgeous place to tie the knot.

A destination wedding ceremony area at the Amiana Resort, Nha Trang

Mia Resort, Nha Trang

Perched on the edge of a cliff, Mia is unique. Ceremonies and receptions are held on the beach or in the garden on the cliffside. Although it's a large resort, it's a very intimate vibe. My favourite Mia memory is a couple from Hawaii who eloped on the beach at dusk.

(Oh, and another time, the guests at the reception got so close to the fire dancers that they were nearly burned. Read, too much alcohol.) The fire dancers aren't included in the package :)

Wedding ceremony on the cliff at Mia, Nha Trang

Secluded clifftop beach view of wedding venue at Mia Resort, Nha Trang

JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort and Spa, Phu Quoc

Just like the Intercon, the Marriott was designed by architect Bill Bensley, and it's a feast for the senses. The beach is amazing, and the resort also offers evening ceremonies under the stars. As with the Intercon, the Marriott is a venue that will wow your guests (and you'll have a wedding you'll never forget). Every aspect of the hotel takes you on a journey in time. From art deco, and modern chic, to Meditteranean piazzas. Every decoration was chosen for a reason, and you'll want to stop and look at every detail. The first couple I married here were huge Bill Bensley fans. They chose the resort because they adore Vietnam, and the opportunity to get married at the newest Bensley-designed resort was irresistible. (Hi there, B&C)

You won't want to leave.

What if you don't want a resort wedding?

Resorts aren't for everyone. Whether you want to elope, have a small celebration with a few guests or simply stick within a budget, it's all good.

You can plan an overseas wedding in Vietnam your way and trim the costs considerably. It's all about the venue, the number of guests, and the bling.

How to plan a small destination wedding in Vietnam

The great news about Vietnam is your dollar stretches a lot further.

Accommodation, food, and entertainment are inexpensive compared to most Western countries. This alone is a thumping incentive to get married in Vietnam. Even better if you want to bring some die-hard friends and family to celebrate, too.

Destination wedding costs

The two things that will affect the cost are the venue and the number of guests.

Here's a guide to average costs for a non-resort wedding day in Vietnam. Let's say around 10 people.

  • USD 150 - 300 per guest for food and beverage: The canapes, drinks (beer, wine, spirits) and reception feast.

  • USD 1000+ for decoration: A floral arch, chair hire, wedding sign, tables, and clothes. Of course, this can vary considerably. Flowers, especially arches, are expensive to transport to the venue, set up, and remove.

  • USD 0 for venue hire. I've put 0 here because many venues will happily make their space available in return for your commitment to spend on food and beverage.

  • USD 400 for a wedding celebrant (me:) If you're tying the knot outside Hoi An or Danang CBD there are travel costs, too.

  • USD 1000+ for your wedding planner: Your planner fee will vary depending on the location and the logistics for the day. If you want to get married in the mountains or a more exotic location, it just makes sense that it will cost more, right? Your planners and suppliers must travel there and transport the decoration, equipment, and kit. Not to mention the food and beverage set-up and service.

  • USD 600+ for your photographer. We have some amazing photographers in Vietnam. Some couples choose to bring their own, but unless it's incredibly important to you, I'm not sure it's necessary.

  • USD 60 - 300+ for bouquets and boutonnieres if they're your thing

  • USD 100+ per person for hair and makeup. As with photographers, I can recommend some very high-quality hair and makeup artists based in Vietnam.

So, for around USD 5 - 6000, you've got everything covered.

If you check the resort packages, you'll see you still need to find a photographer, hair and makeup, celebrant and for some venues, a planner. So it is possible to find a gorgeous space for a wedding and do it your way.

I will caveat again - this is a guide only! A little bit like trying to put an average price on your dream house. It's all about the fittings, fixtures and decoration - the same as a wedding! If you want crystal chandeliers - expect to pay for them!

(Please note - I haven't included travel, accommodation or suits or frocks in these costs. Vietnam is famous for its tailoring and many couples have their attire made here.)

Do I need a wedding planner for my overseas wedding

I get asked this a lot. And my answer is yes. Some couples book me for the ceremony and plan everything else themselves. That's cool - but prepare for a lot of time on Google and social media looking for suppliers. And then all the running around co-ordinating everything when you arrive in Vietnam. I'd prefer to be poolside with a pina colada. But if that's your thing knock yourself out.

I don't offer planning services for weddings over 15 people because I don't have the capacity (or the patience - haha). But I do have loads of on-the-ground experience if you need some advice.

But seriously, if you want a stress-free, magical wedding you'll remember forever you need a wedding planner. They're magicians who'll find the idyllic location and then bring your vision to life. They are worth their weight in gold. Please budget for a wedding planner. Even if you're getting married in a resort. The on-site staff are amazing, but they're there to deliver the resort package and nothing else, along with performing the rest of their day jobs. A planner is dedicated to you and will be 100% focused on your day.

Planners know "who's who", and "what is what" and get the best prices for you.

Just get a quote for sh*ts and giggles.

You'll see it's a fraction compared to a wedding planner at home. Plus, you'll have your sidekick lionheart taking care of everything. Even if it's the sheer joy you'll feel when you're in a day spa getting pampered with your besties, instead of following up on the sound system. If budget is a factor, cut back somewhere else.

(You'll thank me for the advice later, trust me.)

How much is an elopement in Vietnam

Glad you asked. I have an elopement package right here. I'll do the legwork, and the planning and pull it all together and all you need to do is enjoy the magic. And the price is fixed.

I'm a passionate believer in grabbing all the getting hitched "do's" and "don'ts" and breaking them all! You're coming to Vietnam to get married, so you're cheeky rule-breakers, too!

Some of the most incredible weddings are the ones just like these. Let's make it yours.

Still, craving more information about destination wedding planning in Vietnam? Read on: 10 insider tips you need to help you create your magic wedding adventure, without breaking the bank.

Better still, get in touch and let's chat. I'm not scary.


Hi. I'm Leanne Summers. An Australian based in Hoi An, Vietnam.

I'm a recovering corporate lawyer, bereft of a sense of humour. I found it again while travelling through Vietnam. Now I am creating wedding ceremonies and officiating for couples from all over the world. I have lived in Vietnam for over 10 years and it's the bomb!

You can reach me at

Drop me a line on Facebook: @weddingcelebrantvietnam

Instagram: @celebrant_weddings_vietnam

Whatsapp: +84 (0) 702 734 291

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