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Vow Renewal Packages in Hoi An & Danang

You've discussed a wedding vow renewal in Vietnam but don't know where to start.

The Vow Renewal Package is for couples who say, "We're celebrating a milestone in our marriage, and we want to honour it by renewing our wedding vows." We want intimate and meaningful—just the two of us in a special place reflecting on how far we've come and how much we're looking forward to where we're going. We want to look lovely, have a ceremony, and get a photographer to capture all the moments. Can you help?"

Dedicated to the love birds who want to say "I still do" - here's how it works.


Vow Renewal Package

How it works


If you want to renew your wedding vows in "just the two of us" style, contact me, and we'll make beautiful things happen.

The vow renewal package is about making your celebration simple, personal, and fun.

We'll get to know each other (if you like me and I like you) and discuss your holiday and vow renewal plans.

I'll craft a ceremony that reflects your journey and the vow renewal vibe you want.  

We'll determine the location and the time and start your ceremony.

The pricing is based on vow renewals in Hoi An and Danang CBD because we're keeping it simple (and travel costs complicate things.)

What's included:

  • A bespoke ceremony and officiating on the day by me. I'm your eyes, ears, and nose on the ground to pull it together and share all the knowledge I have after performing 400+ weddings and renewals

  • Hair and make-up for one

  • One bouquet and buttonhole bloom

  • Four hours of professional photography and (pre and post-ceremony) 

The ceremony location is a personal choice and we will find the perfect place together. If beachside is your thing, stay in a beachside hotel. If lush gardens are your thing, choose a green hotel :) Sunrise? Cool. Sunset? Awesome. If you're ready to renew your wedding vows, let's do it. 

Price: USD 1999


Happy couples

I contacted Leanne about being the celebrant at our vow renewal on Hoi An Beach late last year. I had no idea if it would be easy - Leanne assured me it was something she could facilitate, and we exchanged a few emails. from these, she planned a renewal we would like. It was completely tailored to our likes and dislikes. There was no big fuss, and it was seamless. We had our ceremony last week, and Leanne was incredible. We honeymooned in 2004 in Hoi An, and as we were 20 years married, we wanted to celebrate it with our 9-year-old daughter. Leanne was so helpful, and nothing was a chore. She advised us on hotels and the ceremony, secured and booked a photographer, and even gave us restaurant recommendations for our dinner celebration after the renewal. She met with us the evening before at our hotel to review the ceremony. She organised a relaxed but very personal vow renewal ceremony for us- something that suited our little family. I would highly recommend Leanne; if we were to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks, Leanne, for making our vow renewal so special.

Maria and Viv


Wedding Vow Renewal Inclusions

  • A beautiful ceremony for two people 

  • Ceremony crafting and officiating on the day. Supplier co-ordination and planning

  • Hair and make-up for one person

  • Bouquet and buttonhole flowers

  • Four hours of professional photography (pre and post-wedding) - with a few sneak peek shots delivered to you the day after your wedding and a fully edited package delivered in sizes to suit all usual devices within 14 days

Things to note:

  • The ceremony venue or location is not included because it's a personal choice. We can decide together. Please note, if you want to travel somewhere exotic within Hoi An or Danang, the travel costs are not included, but they're inexpensive.)

  • Booking an area on the beach or the Old Town for a private ceremony is challenging. Vow renewals in the Old Town or on the beach are fun, but I can't guarantee privacy. The beaches at beachfront resorts are more private, and it's best to book and stay there. A ceremony in a restaurant in the Old Town, followed by dinner, is a nice way to enjoy the vibe, with a little privacy as well. (I can help with this.)

  • The hair and makeup, florist, and photographers I use are professionals I know and trust. I'm happy for you to mix and match, but the Vow Renewal Package has dedicated providers.

  • Do you need a frock, suit, or ao dai for the day? I have recommendations—along with the best restaurants for all palettes and budgets for the post-ceremony feast.

  • You get all the advice you need.

Because this is about making your vow renewal easy and amazing. 


The Vow Renewal Package is for you if...

  • you're looking for expert guidance to create a meaningful, personal celebration of your marriage that you'll remember forever

  • you want a professional celebrant who's officiated for over 400 couples in Vietnam

  • you want someone to help with tips, advice, and recommendations - and only works with quality photographers, florists, and make-up professionals

  • you want a personal, bespoke celebration that's professional yet handcrafted for you - from start to finish

  • you've got a wee sense of adventure, and you're willing to go with the flow just a little

Ready to say "I still do" your way?

The Vow Renewal Package isn't for you if...

  • you're hoping to bring a few friends and create a small renewal party (Small vow renewal parties are my thing, they're in a different package)

  • you want the whole box and dice - arch, microphone, sound system, private venue hire, and attendants like a wedding

  • you freak out if you can't control every aspect of the day. I personally arrange your professional vow renewal. This package is for couples who are easygoing and go with the flow.

The Vow Renewal Package is for adventurous people who want to celebrate in a beautiful location and do it their way. 

PS: If you want the extras, I can help by offering a suitable package :)

renewal-vow .jpg

Happy couples

Thank you, Leanne, for all your help in creating a beautiful, intimate vow renewal ceremony for us to celebrate our 10+2.5-year anniversary. Despite the setbacks of COVID-19, Leanne patiently waited a couple of years for us to make our trip to Hoi An and ensured the ceremony was one we would never forget. We really appreciated that Leanne involved our daughters so they could play a special part in the day and celebrate our love story and family in a meaningful way. Thanks again, Leanne!

Love Carmel, Chris, Amelie, and Chloe xx

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