About me

Welcome! I'm Leanne Summers, Australian wedding celebrant, living in Hoi An, Vietnam.

A few years ago - on a romantic whim - my husband, Mark and I decided to escape the rat race and take a new direction in life. It lead us to Vietnam. Some of our friends thought we were crazy -others wished they were coming!


Back then I was a ruthless corporate lawyer - some would even say - devoid of soul. I'd completely lost my sense of humour. It wasn't fun and neither was I. Fortunately all was not lost - I found my sense of humour - love of laughing - and happiness - in Vietnam. Phew!

Mark and I recently celebrated our own 20th wedding anniversary. I start each day walking on the beach with our favourite pooch hound, Button. I eat noodles for breakfast - every day - in local noodle shops. If you had told me 10 years ago I would eat soup for breakfast - I would have  laughed at you. 

When I'm not travelling Vietnam marrying couples from all over the world, I'm most happy with Mark by my side - preferably enjoying a  glass of bubbles and a cheese platter loaded with quality cheese. This is a shame because both my favourite indulgences are not easy to find in Vietnam. On the upside - it's great for the waistline! 

Our journey to Vietnam has been immensely rewarding - not always beer and skittles -- the pros definitely out way the cons. When wedding guests realise I actually live here - I'm peppered with a million questions. "How did you come to live in Vietnam?" is the question I am asked at every  single wedding. Like all the best stories - it's a long one - and I won't bore you with it here. The country, the beauty, the people all tell the story. The Vietnamese  are incredibly friendly - laugh loudly and freely - the smiles are genuine. Living for today is the mantra. It's been a revelation for me. The approach to life is infectious and it's hard not fall in love with country and the people.


You'll have to see for yourself.

@2020 by Leanne Summers Vietnam Wedding Celebrant.