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English speaking Wedding Celebrant Vietn

Leanne Summers is a marriage officiant in Vietnam and the founder of Wedding Celebrant Vietnam. Leanne creates wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, and elopement ceremonies and officiates the wedding.


Leanne provides MC or Master of Ceremonies services and plans small elopements, micro-weddings, and Buddhist Blessings. The wedding ceremonies are handcrafted, personal, and meaningful and dedicated to telling your story - your way. 

Wedding Celebrant Vietnam provides Marriage Officiant and MC services for couples celebrating their wedding, renewing their vows, or eloping in Vietnam.

Leanne has provided wedding celebrant services for tourists, residents, and expats in Vietnam since 2015. 

Phew. Sorry for the formal introduction. (It's to keep Google happy.)

Congratulations on your wedding


It will be amazing.

Before we get to the wedding part.


Who is Leanne Summers, and why does she live in Vietnam?

Why do I live in Vietnam? It's the first question people ask me.  I had a "wonderful" life in Australia until I packed up and moved to Vietnam.

I was a ruthless corporate lawyer. I had colleagues who called me: "The Toe-Cutter".

I was miserable. I felt devoid of soul, heart, and meaning. Sense of humour? Um, left the building.

Sure, my husband and I enjoyed all the "things". We had the trappings of success: lived on the Sunshine Coast, and had the money (and the mortgages). We took the holidays. If we fancied it we, flew interstate for a cheeky weekend escape. We indulged in long, expensive brunches and hosted boisterous dinner parties. Many people considered us very successful. 

I didn't feel successful. I felt a bit like the Tin Wood Man from The Wizard of Oz. I was looking for my heart. 

In 2012, we decided to escape the rat race and take a new direction in life. We moved to Vietnam in a crazy quest for a simple life filled with meaning and purpose.

It was the best thing we ever did. 

I've since found my heart, soul, and my sense of humour. Life is simple; The Toe Cutter is gone. She's now, Leanne, a kindness giver, wanderluster, and lover of love.

About Leanne Summers
Wedding Celebrant Vietnam

How I help you? 





How does it work? 

Your wedding is my treasure. It's like a precious gem; I value it as such. 

You've trusted me; allowed me into your intimate world. That's big. I will honour your trust. How? By creating a wedding ceremony that is an exquisite representation of you as a couple.

Most couples have a vague idea about what their wedding ceremony might look like. Some have no thoughts at all. No problem. You can tick the "wedding ceremony" off your "to-do" list.


Making your wedding easy is what I do

To do this, I need to poke about inside your heads a little. It's not scary. A chat on the phone once or twice. (Or as often as you like). We get to know each other, and I begin to understand what your wedding ceremony looks like for you. I'll tease out all the itsy bits that make you who you are. It's fun. It's not an inquisition; a chat between friends.

Then I weave my magic and together we will bring your ceremony to life. I have created wedding ceremonies for couples from all over the world. 

Your arrival in Vietnam and your wedding day - woot 

I'll meet you in person when you arrive in Vietnam. We can have a beer or coffee. If you'd like a short wedding rehearsal we can do that too. It helps ease the nerves. Of course, on your wedding day, I'll arrive nice and early. I'll be there in case you have last-minute questions. Or if you need a friendly ear to help with the inevitable pre-wedding mayhem. I'm here for you. Then, of course, we'll have the wedding ceremony you and your guests will adore.

If you'd like to see what other people like you have said about me, click here for the reviews.

Why am I a destination wedding celebrant?

Vietnam has taught me "my jam" is serving people with kindness. Celebrating love and human connection fills my cup. That's why I decided to become a wedding celebrant.

I'm passionate about your marriage commitment. And a hopeless romantic. I adore all your stories, the hilarious anecdotes and the teary bits. That's what makes your relationship: yours.

You're all welcome into my love chapel. I have created wedding ceremonies for couples from all over the world. I appreciate and respect the nuances of those many and varied cultures. Love comes in all shapes and sizes; I embrace you all.

The Leanne essentials

Mark and I recently celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. It's been a wild ride. 

I start each day by walking on the beach in our village of An Bang, with our favourite pooch hound, Button. 

I eat noodles for breakfast - every day - in local noodle shops. If you had told me ten years ago I would eat soup for breakfast - I would have laughed at you. 


I'm most happy with Mark next to me. I love a cold beer or bubbly. Paired with great cheese and my husband, I'm in heaven.


I could happily eat a pizza covered in nothing but tomato, olives, and cheese.


I'm a tragic Richmond football club supporter. Yeah, the kind who suffered through the mid-1980s, and 1990s through to our premierships in 2017, 2019, and 2020 (hell, yeah, Tiges!)

I ride a little Honda Sup Cub motorbike every day. She's my little nana bike. Our quaint village is gorgeous; the Vietnamese have embraced the weird foreigners. I go to the local markets. I shop for food like a local Vietnamese: meal by meal. My Vietnamese is good enough to order beer and market supplies, but in all honesty, it's rubbish.

I do still carry Australia in my heart. I watch the footy, watch the V8 supercars, and the Melbourne Cup. I don't miss the freeways, the constant busyness, and the consumption mentality. I love home. And I'm always happy to touch down on Vietnamese soil.

Sound good? Get in touch and we can chat.


It's a simple, painless process. You might even forget you were worried about it and enjoy it.
The result? A stunning wedding ceremony, perfect for you.

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