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What is Wedding Celebrant Vietnam? Founder, Services, and Values

Wedding Celebrant Vietnam is a marriage officiant company in Vietnam that offers wedding celebrant services, vow renewal ceremonies, and elopement ceremonies for couples living in or visiting Vietnam.

Wedding Celebrant Vietnam provides planning services for small weddings, elopements, and Buddhist Blessings. Wedding planning services include location selection, arranging photographers, videographers, musicians, hair and makeup artists, decor, and translators.

Leanne Summers is the founder of Wedding Celebrant Vietnam. Leanne has been helping couples celebrate their nuptials in Vietnam since 2015 and has officiated over 450 weddings.

The team at Wedding Celebrant Vietnam values inclusivity and respect, authenticity and integrity, communication and collaboration, and love and joy at the center of everything we do. Wedding Celebrant Vietnam is based in Danang and Leanne travels throughout Vietnam to officiate marriages.

Who is the Founder of Wedding Celebrant Vietnam?

Leanne Summers founded Wedding Celebrant Vietnam (WCV) in 2015. Leanne is an Australian living in Hoi An, Vietnam. A former lawyer, Leanne, and her husband, Mark, moved to Vietnam in 2012 for a year away from their hectic lives in Australia. Leanne and Mark attended seven traditional Vietnamese weddings in 2012 and discovered a growing trend of Vietnamese couples, tourists, and expats looking for Western-style wedding celebrations in Vietnam. The gap in the market appeared, and Leanne founded Wedding Celebrant Vietnam.

What is a wedding celebrant? A wedding celebrant or marriage officiant is the person who marries people. A celebrant is an officiant, a collaborator, a cheerleader, and a weaver of your love story. The best celebrants ensure the wedding ceremony is a moment to cherish, a reflection of a couple's unique love, and a memory that will stay with a couple forever.

What Services does Wedding Celebrant Vietnam offer?

The services Wedding Celebrant Vietnam offers are listed below.

  • Wedding Ceremonies: Wedding Celebrant Vietnam designs wedding ceremonies unique to each couple. Every ceremony is bespoke, and every couple gets a copy of every draft to incorporate feedback. Couples choose the level of involvement in ceremony planning but always approve the final version. The celebrant officiates the wedding with warmth, humour, and calm confidence to ensure a meaningful experience.

  • Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies: Wedding vow renewals allow couples to reaffirm combined love and commitment to marriage through a celebration filled with memories and renewed promises. Couples renew vows on milestone wedding anniversaries, after significant life events, or because the couple has children and wants to renew a commitment as a family.

  • Elopement Ceremonies: Elopement ceremonies are for couples marrying with no guests. Elopement ceremonies require the same level of consultation as a large wedding. Eloping allows couples to amplify intimacy, increase spontaneity, and give the couple the couple absolute freedom to be.

  • Same-sex Wedding Ceremonies: Wedding Celebrant Vietnam is inclusive, grounded in love and joy, and welcomes all couples to enjoy their wedding.

  • Elopement Packages: Wedding Celebrant Vietnam elopement packages in Hoi An and Danang include the ceremony, planning, and officiating. The package is a stress-free and romantic way to get married on holiday in Vietnam.

  • Buddhist Blessings: Spiritual couples have their union blessed in the traditional Vietnamese style of a Buddhist blessing. The blessing combines Western and Buddhist traditions and is performed in a pagoda in the Old Town of Hoi An.

  • Bi-Lingual Wedding Ceremonies: Wedding Celebrant Vietnam offers bi-lingual wedding ceremonies to ensure all guests enjoy the ceremony and celebration of the couple.

  • Micro-weddings: Wedding Celebrant Vietnam plans small weddings for groups of up to 15 people. The weddings are intimate and fun and allow the couple the freedom to celebrate with friends, without the expenses.

Pro Tip From Leanne Summers, Wedding Celebrant at Wedding Celebrant Vietnam: Wedding ceremony planning and officiating is as casual and informal or as detailed and involved as a couple wants it to be. I aim to make every wedding easy and enjoyable, something couples look forward to and remember forever.

What is the mission of Wedding Celebrant Vietnam?

The mission of Wedding Celebrant Vietnam is to give couples the freedom to create a personalized, joyful wedding experience in Vietnam. Wedding couples have unique reasons for choosing Vietnam for their wedding, and the goal is to elevate the couple's vision using the extensive experience of the local culture, expertise in wedding celebrancy, and listening to and respecting the personal wishes of every couple.

Wedding Celebrant Vietnam achieves its mission using the skills listed below.

  • Personal wedding ceremonies: Wedding Celebrant Vietnam does not use cookie-cutter ceremonies. Wedding ceremonies are hand-crafted in collaboration with the couple. Couples approve the final wedding ceremony, so there are no surprises on the wedding day.

  • Joyful atmosphere: Wedding ceremony planning is fun. Wedding Celebrant Vietnam offers a positive, uplifting, and calming atmosphere, ensuring everyone enjoys the planning and the wedding ceremony.

  • Professionalism: Wedding Celebrant Vietnam offers expert guidance, advice, and meticulous planning, ensuring every ceremony runs smoothly and flawlessly. Wedding Celebrant Vietnam guides couples on elements suitable for ceremonies in Vietnam and provides guidance grounded in experience to reassure couples that the wedding vision is achievable.

  • Cultural sensitivity: The business understands Vietnamese wedding traditions and nuances of Vietnamese culture and seamlessly integrates them into the ceremony, respecting the wishes of the couple and local customs.

What are the Values of Wedding Celebrant Vietnam?

The values of Wedding Celebrant Vietnam are listed below.

  • Inclusivity and Respect:  Wedding ceremonies that honor every love story and celebrate every identity.

  • Authenticity and Integrity: A wedding ceremony that is true to your love story, ensuring that every word spoken and every gesture made reflects the genuine depth of your bond.

  • Communication and Collaboration:  The power of listening and teamwork means your ceremony aligns perfectly with your dreams and desires.

  • Fun and Joy: Love and joy are why you're getting married, and your ceremony is fun, warm, and happy.

Brand values of Wedding celebrant Vietnam: Inclusivity and respect, authenticity and integrity, listening and collaboration and fun and joy.
Brand values of Wedding Celebrant Vietnam

Who owns Wedding Celebrant Vietnam?

The company Summers Consulting Co., Ltd owns the Wedding Celebrant Vietnam brand. Summers Consulting Co., Ltd is a company registered in Vietnam. The company address is 1254-1255 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Hoa Cuong Nam, Hai Chau, Da Nang, Vietnam.

Consultations with Wedding Celebrant Vietnam are by appointment and are able to be made by emailing or WhatsApp at +84702734291.


Leanne Summers is a wedding celebrant in Hoi An, Vietnam. Leanne specializes in wedding ceremonies, elopements, and wedding vow renewal ceremonies. If you're having a small wedding of fewer than 15 people, Leanne can help you plan the celebration, too.

Leanne, a recovering corporate lawyer from Australia, had lost her sense of humour and soul. She sought more meaning in life. Her adventures led her to Vietnam, where she found her sense of humour and humanity. Now, she creates wedding ceremonies and officiates for couples from all over the world. She's celebrated weddings with over 400 couples (and counting). A Vietnam "local" since 2012, Vietnam is her spirit country.

Leanne is an SEO Consultant and Copywriter.

Want to get in touch?

You can reach Leanne at

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