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Vietnam wedding stories: The petrified groom

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

We have all heard of wedding day jitters, right?

I think I saw the most severe case recently. My husband and I attended a wedding. I wasn’t the celebrant so we were able to enjoy all the festivities. We arrived for the pre-wedding drinks ready for a great time. When we arrived we found the groom a sweaty mess. He was so nervous he was beside himself. My husband took him aside to calm him down.

He asked:

“You proposed to your fiance, and you’re happy she said yes, right?”. The answer was “yes”.

“And you are happy to be here today to get married? You love her and want this?” The answer was “yes, though I’m so nervous I will make a mistake”.

My husband offered a little bit of his wisdom and it got me thinking. His advice to the groom was: “all you need to do today is say “yes”. Every time someone asks you anything, say “yes”, say “yes”, say “yes”. You won’t make any mistakes as long as you just say “yes”. “Oh and don’t forget to tell the bridesmaids, your mother in law, your mum and especially your bride how beautiful they look when you make your speech, and you’re set. Just remember, whenever you open your mouth say yes.”

The groom breathed out, and said “Ok, all I need to do is say “yes”. My husband laughed and said, “That’s it mate, the hard part is done. You’re all set”. The ceremony and subsequent reception was wonderful, the groom said “yes, yes, yes” and told all requisite people they were beautiful and he had a ball with his new wife.

It got me thinking. So often the wedding is all about the bride and sometimes the other half gets lost in the chaos and on the day it’s all a bit scary.

Your ceremony shouldn’t be scary. I’ve worked with couples where one party takes care of most things, or both parties are equally involved or some jump in and out just to be sure certain things they want are included. Others I’ve practically written the ceremony entirely after meeting them and getting to know them because it is was easier for them to do it like that. There is no right or wrong way to bring your ceremony to life. Couples work together in unique ways and that is absolutely fine. That’s what makes life great!

The most important thing is to remember, I’m there with you. We can take our time during the ceremony. Remember to breathe and enjoy the moment. We always do a run through the day before to make sure everyone is comfortable and ready. Though now, especially if one party hasn’t been as involved in the planning as the other, I always remind them about the “yes, yes, yes” advice!

Call me or send me an email if you’d like to discuss how I can help with the wedding day jitters!


Leanne Summers is a destination wedding celebrant and MC in Hoi An, Vietnam. Leanne specializes in wedding ceremonies, elopements, and wedding vow renewal ceremonies. If you're having a small wedding of fewer than 15 people, Leanne can help you plan the celebration too.

A recovering corporate lawyer from Australia, Leanne had lost her sense of humour and soul. She sought more meaning in life. Her adventures lead her to Vietnam where she found her sense of humour and humanity. Now she creates wedding ceremonies and officiates for couples from all over the world. She's celebrated weddings with over 400 couples (and counting). A Vietnam "local" for over 10 years, Vietnam is her spirit country.

Leanne is also an SEO Consultant and Copywriter.

Want to get in touch?

You can reach me at

Drop me a line on Facebook: @weddingcelebrantvietnam

Instagram: @celebrant_weddings_vietnam

Whatsapp: +84 (0) 702 734 291

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