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So, why are you living in Vietnam?

Updated: May 7, 2020

When I first meet new couples, I am asked the same question within 5 minutes: how did you come to be living in Vietnam?

This page isn’t going to be all about me, though a little background on how I came to be a wedding celebrant in Vietnam may answer the query.

In 2011, my husband and I (who have always been travellers) were getting itchy feet. We were considering an internal move within Australia, though at the same time I had been following posts on Facebook from a good friend who was teaching in Phong Nha, central Vietnam. I was astonished at the beauty of the pictures and intrigued by Vietnam and her experiences. We decided to take a 3 week holiday in Vietnam (incorporating a 7-day motorbike tour. By day 5 of our trip, I start calculating numbers in my head. At one particularly stunning stop, I floated the idea of taking a year off and returning, to see. After some discussion, it was decided.

We went home told everyone, sold just about everything we owned and 9 weeks later we were back. That was over 4 years ago. My career has been in law and hospitality and as it happens when you live the expatriate lifestyle, you become open to everything. I was asked one day if I was interested in being a wedding celebrant by Hoi An Events and didn’t look back. I do ceremonies for other planners too, including Gay Weddings Vietnam and I highly recommend engaging a planner here. I recently organised a wedding as a result of an emergency and the work involved is enormous, especially if you are doing it from another country.

Trust me. I know.

I really enjoy the interaction with each couple and learning their story and creating a unique ceremony just for them. Vietnam is a stunning country, from its beaches, its mountains, the culture, the food and most importantly the people. It is a wonderful place to celebrate your perfect holiday experience and destination wedding.

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